Changes to 865/855

Changes to 865/855
A part number on a different format will replace each encoder’s ordering number.
Example: 1303110-01 will replace 865027490-2048-6000
There is no need to change the ordering information currently used to order 865/855 encoders from Leine & Linde AB. The encoder electronic functionality will be identical in
all aspects before and after this change.
Please note: There is a mechanical enhancement which does not make the replacement encoder 100% compatible as described below.
Design enhancements
The encoders are 3mm longer, which causes a shift of the connectors/cable glands 3mm further away from the flange. See an example of measurements below. This applies to the XHD 865, XHD 8659, XSD 855, XSD 8559 encoders.

                                                            Figure 1 - Mechanical design enhancement
A combination screw substitutes the screw type used for the back cover.

Encoder label and code key change
All standard encoders 865/855 will have the last digit of the code key replaced with a “0”. This has no bearing on encoder functionality.
Example: 865027490-1024-1024 replaces the previous code key 865027494-1024-1024. The previous stock code is reflected in the order confirmation, delivery note, invoice as well as on the encoder labels with the above mentioned modification. 

Note that for special encoders, (encoders which begin with 8659 or 8559), the code key is
At the time of release, all encoder datasheets for standard versions will be available from For datasheets for special versions (8659, 8559) please contact Leine Linde Viet Nam,